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Marshal – Flower of Chivalry

A grand tournament from the days of William the Marshal

The Barony of Three Rivers invites one and all to a 12th Century Tournament. All who attend are urged to come in appropriate dress and with heraldic display as would have been seen at a such a grand tournament.

COMBATANTS: Don your maille and draw your sword. Join the mesnie of one of the Chivalry and enter the grand melee! Fight with your companions in hopes of gaining the fame, wealth and honor that can only come from the glories of the Tournament!

Each mesnie must be led by a companion of the Order of Chivalry, joined by up to six individuals (only one other of whom may be of Chivalric rank.) Additional teams will be assembled that day as needed.

Many of the day's activities will involve captures and ransoms. While simple coin or service may serve as ransom, fighters are encouraged to bring their own ransoms to offer should their fate lead them to captivity.

It is our hope that combatants will pay special attention to the look of their harness. We will ask that no plastic or other modern materials be visible, and that duct tape be limited to weapons (save for emergency repairs which may be necessary upon that day).

ARCHERS: Take your bow in hand and show your skill in the archery competitions of the Tournament Fair. A variety of shoots will be held to help you prepare for the challenges of battle. Stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the Kingdom's greatest archers and let your shafts fly!

EQUESTRIANS: The skills of the horseman were a central part of the tournaments of the Marshal's era. Test your riding and your prowess with the sword and spear. Compete in the joust, or strive to be the first to attack your target as you race to cut through the lines of those who would stand against you. Noble rider, the Tournament is your chance to earn repute and honor, and win ransoms through your skill!

Click here for a general schedule of the weekend events.

SCHOLARS: A variety of classes on 12th century subjects will be offered. Click here for a schedule of classes.

CHILDREN: Many youth activities will be tied to the event's time period and related to the overall event activities. Click here for a schedule of children's activities.

MINSTRELS and TROUBADOURS: We encourage you to entertain the populace - performing as roving poets, singers, or musicians. 12th Century themes are of course encouraged. Various prizes shall be awarded for:

  • The most entertaining troubadour.
  • The best song or poem in honor of William Marshal or the Tournament in general.
  • The best song which uses the line "Marshal, give me a good horse" in its chorus, in memory of the Marshal, who once gave a captured horse to a minstrel who sang him a song that included these words in its refrain.

ARTISANS: Prizes will be awarded for each of the following competitions:

  • The best 12th Century outfit. We will be looking at the entire appearance of the wearer.
  • The best 12th Century non-clothing item.
  • The best depiction of a Tournament scene. A focus on the 12th Century Tournament is preferred, but
    not required.

Documentation is encouraged.

MERCHANTS: Space is still available. Please contact Adrianna prior to the event at:

FOOD: The event site is some distance from town. Please plan appropriately.

  • Feast: Baroness Gillian and Countess Comyn are preparing a repast of French and English dishes featuring the fresh bounty of spring (and plenty of meat,) Saturday night. Due to space considerations, seating
    is limited.

  • Inn: The Shire of Standing Stones is offering a Saturday lunch Inn.

PETS: Well behaved pets are welcome at Marshal – Flower of Chivalry.

Pets must be kept on leashes, and as always, owners are expected to clean up after their pets.

If your dog is questionable around strangers – especially children, or given to excessive barking that will likely disturb sleepers or horses, we must ask that you leave them at home.

ALCOHOL: This is a wet site.

SITE: This CAMPING event is being held in Warrenton, MO. Site Opens at 6 PM.

  • Address: 18683 Highway CC, Warrenton, MO 63383

  • Directions: Take your best route to exit 193 (Warrenton) off of I-70 West, roughly 1 hour West of St. Louis. Go South on Highway 47 about 8 miles to Highway CC. Follow this East (the only way to go from 47) 2 miles to 18683 Highway CC. You will see a green barn with white roof.

    If coming from the South off of I-44 take exit 240 (St. Clair) and follow Highway 47 north to Highway CC and head East (the only way to go from 47) Follow this East (the only way to go from 47) 2 miles to 18683 Highway CC. You will see a green barn with white roof.

    Important Note: If following a GPS, do not turn on to Chartti Creek Road. This is a gravel road with creek crossings that have no bridges.)



  • Adult: $10.00 ($3.00 Non-member Surcharge applies.)
  • Children (12 and under): $5.00
  • Babes in Arms: No Charge
  • Family Cap: $30 + required Non-member Surcharge

Feast Seats: $10.00
Send reservations to Barony of Three Rivers, P.O. Box 140094, St. Louis, MO 63114
Please Make Checks payable to "SCA – Barony of Three Rivers".

Conde Fernando Rodriguez de Falconm, (Fernando Vigil),
314-968-8225 (No calls after 10 pm please.)

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