A Chest Appropriate for the 12th Century

Part III: Assembling the Chest

There are many ways to customize your chest besides painting:

  • Thinner sides and bottom: If you use hardwood for the chest, and have access to a planer, you can plane down the side and bottom pieces to 1/2” thick. This will lighten the box and give you a little more internal space. You will have to adjust the size of the bottom board as well as the side notches and dado on the ends and the nail position along the bottom edge of the sides. I don’t recommend this if you use pine, however.

  • Tray: You can make a tray for the chest. I find 1/4” wood is strong enough. Add a couple of runners 2-3” down from the top edge for the tray to sit on. This is an excellent place to store car keys, change, watches, or any other small item you don't want to carry around with you at events.

  • Chain: You can add a light chain to keep the top from flopping over.

  • Latch: A latch or lock of appropriate style will make the chest more secure and better looking.

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