Martial Activities - Rattan Combat

Fighters at Puddleford

Marshal In Charge: Duncan Fearmac MacLeod

Relic Battle

10:00am - 11:00am

In period, relics were believed to have supernatural powers. These items could be bones, hair, or other body parts of saints, but could also be their personal belongings, or simply objects they touched. These items were often associated with miracles and believed to heal or grant other powers.

In this scenario, we delve into this belief. Fighters will be divided into teams and have several rounds of melees. In each round, the teams will fight for control of a chest containing a relic associated with one of the Calontir saints. These relics can be worn or wielded in the next round and will give the individual or team possessing them, special bonuses.

When all of the relics are gone, there will be a final, divinely charged battle to determine the ultimate victor!

Davi's Crazy Weapons Tournament

11:30am - 12:30pm
List Mistress
: Quiteria La Roja

A Gryphon's Fest tradition - Everyone bring your weapons and we make a giant pile. Fighters will select their choice of weapon from the pile, but only one of each type of weapons is allowed on the field at the same time. Other than that, anything goes in this tournament! Spear and shield? Sure! Pole arm and dagger? Why not! Madu and scutum? All the more fun!

Everyone has a great time in Davi's Crazy Weapons Tournament!