Martial Activities - Equestrian


Marshal In Charge: Sato Jiro

Saint's Head-to-Head Competition


Prize for the most wins and separate scoring from Three Rivers Baronial Equestrian Championship for Baronial Riders Riding in earnest.

Tippet Tag


Like flag football from horseback with no ball. Objective is to take the opponent's flag off their arm.

Mounted & Carriage Archery


Equestrian archers will ride a lane and shoot at various targets. Ground archers are welcome to join the equestrian field and ride in a mule drawn cart to shoot in the same lanes.

Tack Swap


You love your equines! Do you love your equines so much that your tack room is bursting with odds and ends of tack/stuff you no longer use?

Share the love! And bring those odds and ends to our Tack Swap at Gryphon's Fest. If you need a table, bring one. Trade for other pieces, give away, sell outright, or good ol' SCA barter for goods/services! Tape measures will be available if needed.


After Dinner/Dark

A game of Japanese Polo/Lacross.


NOTICE: Equestrian Health Requirements

Coggins required for all equines. Out of state horses require a 30-day health cert.