Class Descriptions

Calontir Culture and Traditions

Taught by: Mellitus of Rouncivale

A discussion on the origins of some of Calontir's traditions and how its culture developed.

Camino de Santiago

Taught by: Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon

Conde Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon will host a discussion on the Camino de Santiago. This will begin with a history of the this ancient pilgrimage across Spain (and all of Europe) to the legendary tomb of St. James, the apostle in the city of Santiago. Then we will focus on the joys, challenges, and logistics of the modern pilgrimage.

Introduction to the Hebrew Calendar

Taught by: Berakha bat Mira v'Shlomo

This class examines the evolution of a specific calendar, originating in the Levant, in SCA period from the iron age until the end of period, with a look at its cycles and holidays.

A Joyful Hour With the Saints

Taught by: Conna ingen Ui Chearbhaill

Spend an hour hearing stories of some of saints of the Middle Ages.

Les Formes Fixes

Taught by: Melchor Eichmann

An introductory class on the styles and formats of period French poetry.

Virgin Martyrs

Taught by: Magdalena vander Meere

Content Warning: Gendered violence, adult language

Virgin Martyrs. A few stories of women who died for their faith, with discussion about their lives, the ways they died, and how they are represented in iconography.