Baronial Officers

His Excellency Duncan Eardstapa
non SCA name
Joe Raible

Her Excellency Gwendolyn verch Morgaine
non SCA name
Gwendolyn Sweezey

The Baron and Baroness are the representatives of the Crown, the ruling nobility of a barony. Direct any questions or recommendations for baronial awards to them.

Ellien Chadway

The seneschal is responsible for the daily administration operation of the group and is the legal representative of the SCA. Barons and Baronesses rule and seneschals administer. Direct any organizational or legal questions to the seneschal.

Yngvarr Bjarnakarl

The specific name for the Herald of Three Rivers is the Hippogryph Pursuivant. It is Lord Hippogryph's duty to suggest unique and suitable arms for any and all members of the populace (i.e. assisting members choose names/persona and heraldry). As the Voice of the Representatives of the Crown (i.e. Their Excellencies Three Rivers), the Herald makes all official-type announcements.

Da'ud ibn Ibrahim al-Sisari

The exchequer is the treasurer of the group. This is the person to whom you would direct any questions regarding money or budgets. Exchequer Page and Documents

Ragnheiðr Refsdóttir

As the primary deputy to the exchequer, the quartermaster is responible for maintaining the physical property of the Barony.

Knights Marshal
Faustus Cantilius Lupus

The knights marshal is responsible for the fighting activities of the group. Direct any questions regarding combat, training, armor.

Archer Marshal
Emeline de Moulineaux
non SCA name
Erin Mulanax

The archer marshal is responsible for archery related activities. Direct any questions regarding archery to them.

Auga Ormstunga
non SCA name
Cansas Bell

The chatelaine assists new people in getting started in the SCA.

Pádraigín An Eingh

The chronicler publishes a newsletter The Barge once a month. They are always looking for article and art submissions. Contact them if you have something to publish or want to help!

Demo Coordinator
Rima of Three Rivers

Members of the SCA are available in limited numbers to conduct demonstrations on various aspects of life in the middle ages. If you are interested in having the SCA create a presentation for your group, contact the demo coordinator.

Gold Key
Jon Chesey
non SCA name
Jon Voisey

The Gold Key coordinates loaner garb for newcomers. Contact the Gold Key if you have need to borrow garb for an upcoming event, or if you have something to donate to Gold Key.

Quest Coordinator
Uaithne inghean ui Ruairc

The Quest is intended to be a fun, work at your own pace activity to inspire members of the populace to increase their knowledge of the Society for Creative Anachronism and the ideals which we strive to emulate: chivalry, service, and the creation of arts and crafts of the Middle Ages.

Minister of Arts & Sciences
Mjǫll Úlfarsdóttir

The MOAS is responsible for encouraging and coordinating re-creation of medieval fine and practical arts. Direct any questions about local art or science activities to them.

Minister of Youth
Maire Ingen Fheirgil
non SCA name
Elizabeth White

The Minister of Children is coordinates special medieval activities for children. She is not a babysitter.

Jon Chesey
non SCA name
Jon Voisey

The webminister is responsible for the website.