Weekly Meeting

The Barony holds weekly populace meetings every Wednesday (see calendar). Weekly meetings are open to the public. Feel free to just show up if you want to learn more about the Society for Creative Anachronism. About 50 to 100 people attend weekly meetings, so if you are new, be sure and speak up. We might miss you in the crowd. Fighter Practice and Dance Practice are usually held in conjunction with weekly meetings. Feel free to join in, or at least ask lots of questions. You will see people wearing medieval clothes, or what we call garb. It is not necessary to wear garb to attend weekly meetings, but if you would like to borrow some, just ask. We usually wear garb to promote a more medieval atmosphere, but we were all new once too, and we all borrowed clothing and other accoutrements from near total strangers to get started. So don't be shy- come to meeting. Meetings are held at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church.


Immaculate Conception Catholic Church 7240 Anna Ave, Maplewood MO 63143

  • Take your best route to Hwy 64/40 & Big Bend Blvd.
  • South on Big Bend.
  • Left on Manchester Rd.
  • Right on Marshall Ave.
  • Left on Sarah Ave.