Winter Court: A Walk Through Time

A look back at the first 40 years of the Barony of Three Rivers

Date: December 5, 2015

Location: Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, 7240 Anna Ave, Maplewood MO 63143

Site Fee:

  • Adults $10.00
  • Children $5.00
  • Non-member surcharge of $5.00 for each adult non-member
  • Feast Fee: $10.00
  • Make checks payable to SCA, Inc. – Barony of Three Rivers


  • Baronial Court
  • Baronial A&S Championship
  • Youth Activities
  • Cut and Thrust Tourney
  • Armored Combat Tourney
  • Armored Combat Gift Exchange– The Annual Winter Court “Rob Your Neighbor” Fighter Tourney and gift exchange.
  • The Winter Court Auction
  • Feast
  • Inn - Provided by Ozurr

The Baronial A&S Championship,

Theme by our current A&S Champion, HL Tamar Bat Avraham

Repair, Reuse, Repurpose!

While it's no big deal for most of us to get more fabric and make a new pair of pants if they rip or go to the lumber yard for wood to replace that broken stool, many of those materials were far more expensive or laborious to get in period.

Things that were worn, broken, grown out of, or had alternate uses would rarely have just been thrown away.

Show us how people of your era would have extended the life and usefulness of the items and materials they used.

Minimum documentation, 3 x 5 index card. More thorough documentation strongly encouraged!

The Winter Court Auction

Hosted by Sir Rodriguez de Falcon. Artisans of the Barony bring forward items of amazing workmanship and attendees bid for the honor of winning such pieces of acclaim! Proceeds are donated to the Barony to help cover its financial expenses throughout the year (weekly meeting site fees, event hosting fees, etc.) There will be a silent auction throughout the day for all items. Special items will be auctioned during Feast.

NOTE: you do NOT have to eat Feast in order to participate in the Auction. There will be additional tables and chairs set up for those interested in the auction, but who are not eating Feast.


  • 9:30 AM Site Opens
  • 10:00 Arts and Sciences Entries due
  • 10:00-12:00 Morning youth activities
  • 10:30 Morning Fighting
  • 11:00-12:30 Inn Open
  • 1:00-3:00 Afternoon Youth Activities
  • 1:00 Afternoon Fighting and eventually,Fighter gift exchange
  • 5:00 Court
  • 6:00 Feast and Auction
  • 9:00 Site closes


On the table:

Nuts, dried fruit, cheeses

Course 1:

Kapusta soup, paska (bread), butter, Savory pie: egg and spinach

Course 2:

Chicken with fennel / Mushrooms, leeks, ginger

Course 3:

Chickpea soup, paska (bread), butter, Savory pie: currant


Pumpkin/ squash pie, Marzipan pie

Event Stewards:

Feast Steward: