Fasching -- A German Mardi Gras Chieftains

Saturday February 15, 2014

St.Ann Community Center
1 Community Center Dr.
St. Ann, MO 63074

Event details

Directions To Site

$10/person for adult members, (+$5 non-member fee); $5/person age 5-17; Under 5 free
$10/person; limit 100 seats

Many options close for fast food Site is wet; Showers are available on site


  • 9am-10am: Authorizations will be available
  • 9:30am: Chieftains Novice Tourney
  • 11am or After Novice: Champion of Chieftains - We will once again hold the four field, five tournament fighting extravaganza to select the “Champion of Chieftains”. Fields will consist of single elimination tournaments with Sword and Shield, Great Sword, Pole Arm, Hand and a Half, and Mass Weapon and 26” Round Shield. The 5 winners will then compete in a round robin to determine the Champion who will take home the ceremonial mace until next year.
  • 9:30 am: Cut and Thrust Tournament
  • Children’s activities
  • Classes
  • Games table
  • Court at TRMs pleasure

A and S Competition

Theme: German Beer


“Intro to Anglo Saxon Poetry”
Instructor: HL Ailith Bystone
A brief introduction to Anglo Saxon epic poetry and how to write it. We'll create killer kennings and awesome alliterations in our knowledge quest!
“How to Make Period-looking Arrows”
Instructor: Lady Alessandra de Piro
This is a demonstration/hands on class on how to make self nocks and wrap fletching. Class limit is 10. Class fee to be determined.
“Improving your Archery through Posture, Aiming, and Practice Techniques”
Instructor: Lady Alessandra de Piro.
This class is more geared toward the newer archer who would like to improve their accuracy/get better but really don't know how.
"The Oseberg Ship Burial- Elite women and Amazing Textiles"
Instructor: HL Neathery of Safita
This will be a power point class.
“German Beadwork”
Instructor: Lady Abbatissa inghean lohne mhic Cuaig
Students will learn how to create their own beadwork design and attach the materials to a box. Materials will be provided. The instructor does not have many small embroidery hoops, so please bring one. Class limit: 10 people. Class fee: $2 for a small box, $4 for a large box.
“WTF?! A Quick and Dirty Guide to Ancient and Medieval Swearing”
Instructor: Lady Padraigin of Three Rivers
An entertaining yet informative class on the four letter words most commonly used. (Hint, we still use them today) ***Graphic language will be used; a lot.***
3:30pm - 4:30pm
“Medieval Astrology”
Instructor: Lady Padraigin of Three Rivers
A brief history of astrology and the role it played in the Middle Ages. (Everyone give thanks for modern day medicine).


Come enjoy the hearty German fare provided for our Changeling Feast in the evening following court. In celebration of Mardi Gras, we will once again host a “Changeling Feast” like in the days of old. Come as you are normally not—trade clothing with your friends, dress in a different era or geography from your normal persona, or maybe even come as a play on words or wear a masque to hide your true identify. This is an opportunity to have fun and be creative.
Additional entertainment will be provided during feast as well

Menu (subject to change as details are finalized): (v)=vegetarian

Auf Dem Tisch

  • Heathen Cakes (small dough pasties with bacon, apple, and pepper)
  • Hearty bread (multigrain) with butter (v)
  • Meat tray
  • Roasted “Milk” (vegan)

First Course

  • Hens from Greece (roasted chicken baked in pie)
  • Food of beans with flat bread (v)
  • Cabbage

Second Course

  • Beef or pork in Shallot and wine sauce
  • A food of pears (v)
  • Rice from Greece (v)


  • Fashing doughnuts (v)
  • Grape Pudding
  • Snow (whipped cream, served with fruit sauces)

Event Stewards:

Duchess Aislinn Morcroft
(636) 373-1232 (no calls after 8:30pm)

Duchess Isabeau
(913) 558-4826 (no calls after 8:30pm)

Feast Steward:
Her Ladyship Fiondel Songspinner
(Please contact Fiondel directly with questions regarding diet restrictions and ingredients)