Hear ye! Hear ye! Now begins the celebratory shenanigans for the Barony of Three Rivers! 2014

Let us raise our glasses/mugs/mead containers Mrs. Cohen, Mistress Olga's most gracious mother, have consented again to allow us the use of the common ground along the lake behind their home for a day of fun, tomfoolery and shenanigans.


During the Hours of Daylight there will be:


9:30 am, Inspections will begin.

10:00 am, The Baronial Fighting Championship begins! The format of the Championship will be determined by the previous years champion.


10:00 am, Archery Range opens! **Once the Fighting Championship is completed, the Archery Chapionship begins. Format will be determined by last years champion.


Bocce ball set or (insert period game here)!

Brumbaresball: RAHR! Format decided by the person with the ball (most likely once the pool opens)


Birthday Cake Wars!: The birthday cake submission must qualify as period. Cakes submitted will serve as dessert. Submissions can be by an individual or by a group. If not enough submissions, dessert will be added to the potluck list. All submissions must come with a recipe as we will be pulling together a period birthday cake recipe book to give to her highness at coronation.

Project Runway, Bad Garb Edition!: Project Runway-Bad Garb Edition: There will be a runway exhibition of garb attempts gone wrong!

Arts and Sciences Tent:

Area 51 will be open to any who want to come work on UFOs (UnFinished Objects) whether personal or Baronial or to just chat about projects in general.


Lunch (12:00, noon): The Barony has also graciously decided to provide lunchmeat sandwiches for lunch. There will be lunchmeat, cheese, condiments, and bread. Please bring your own extras for lunch.

Supper Time (5:00 pm): The Barony will be providing meat, hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone, but we ask that you bring a Side Dish or Desert to share in our picnic dinner.

Side Dishes: Mundane last name beginning with the letters A through E

Drinks: Mundane last name beginning with the letters F through J,

Desserts: Mundane last name beginning with the letters K through O

Salads: Mundane last name beginning with the letters P through T

Snacky Items: Mundane last name beginning with the letters U through Z

During the hours of Evening:

Court: To be held at their Excellency’s Leisure

Following court, the pool will open so we can all cool off and have an evening of fun. There will be a fire-pit provided, so don’t be surprised if singing breaks out afterwards…


  • 11563 Lakeshore Drive Creve Coeur, MO 63141
  • Take your best route to 270 and Ladue (one exit North of Highway 40).
  • Exit onto Ladue and turn East.
  • The second light is Ballas. Turn right (South) on Ballas
  • Drive South to Lakeshore Drive (on the left).
  • Turn left (East) onto Lakeshore Drive.
  • Keep bearing left as the street forks several times.
  • The entrance to the site is a narrow driveway immediately past 11563 Lakeshore Drive.
  • You can drive down to unload then find a parking space on the street.
  • In case you get lost, the phone number is (314)432-4871.