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Site Dinner & Populace Meeting

Wed, Feb 06, 2019 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Gym, 7240 Anna Ave, Maplewood MO 63143

Arts & Sciences Activity of the Week:
Leather Pouch Workshop
If you would like to take our Leather Girdle Purse class tonight, we are going to limit the class to 8 people. Please bring what leather tools you have (see list below).
We will have leather we can sell students ($15, the only charge for the class) but you are welcome to bring your own. (You will need a 8"x24" piece of medium wt leather, and another 6.5in x 5in that doesn't need to match).  
Class is first come, first served. Ravasz will be teaching tonight as some hearthkeeper person cancelled site dinner last week! I'll join you when I can.
leather shears or knives to cut with, pounding boards, awls, poly or leather head hammer, pliers, harness needles and waxed linen thread). 
Kajsa of the Hearth

AND it's a veritable FEAST!! The theme is Middle Eastern. Is it just coincidence that Their Royal Majesties Catalina and Donngal are hoping to be here for fighter practice?

The menu includes:
Kofta (similar to meatballs, by Ragnheiðr Refsdóttir)
Butter Chicken (by Stevie Longwith and Nancee Kathryn
Mujaddara (rice, lentil and crispy onions by Stephanie
Cohen) Vegan
Coconut Curried Chickpeas (Kajsa) Vegan
White rice (Kajsa) Vegan
Tabbouleh (bulgar salad by Stephanie Campbell) Vegan
Tzatziki sauce (Kenda Fares)
Baba Ganoush with pita (roasted eggplant spread by Cara
Watters) Vegan
Baklava (by Pádraigín AnEinigh)
Tortillas or pita (from Steve Block)

Hope to see you all there! LOVE correct change, and as always. Five dollars is a minimum! We're raising funds here. How much would you pay for this dinner out, or even to make at home? We're the best deal in town! See you all tonight.

Cooks, don't forget your food. The kitchen is open at 6:30 or earlier. Please bring food ready to serve and early enough that we can get the line set up and moving. My goal is to start serving as close to 7pm as possible. Thanks so much. This just looks wonderful!!

What is Site Dinner? This is a dinner we hold the last Wednesday of every month at the weekly Baronial meeting. It raises money to help pay for our meeting site, and has proven to be an anticipated social evening as well. Every month a different set of volunteers supplies a delicious home-cooked meal. We sell those meals for donations. $5 is good. More is better! We're also willing to just sell a dessert or a side dish if that's all you want.
The Barony holds weekly populace meetings every Wednesday. Weekly meetings are open to the public. Feel free to just show up if you want to learn more about the Society for Creative Anachronism. About 50 to 100 people attend weekly meetings, so if you are new, be sure and speak up. We might miss you in the crowd. Fighter Practice and Dance Practice are usually held in conjunction with weekly meetings. Feel free to join in, or at least ask lots of questions. You will see people wearing medieval clothes, or what we call garb. It is not necessary to wear garb to attend weekly meetings, but if you would like to borrow some, just ask. We usually wear garb to promote a more medieval atmosphere, but we were all new once too, and we all borrowed clothing and other accoutrements from near total strangers to get started. So don't be shy- come to meeting!

Business meeting for the Baronial populace, all welcome. Open to the public. Includes fighting, dance practice, and classes.


All are welcome for dinner, drinks, and socializing at Olympia,1543 McCausland Ave, St Louis, MO, after meeting.