Whether for communication, trade, or warfare, the seas provided a vital method of transportation throughout the medieval period. Beginning in the 14th century, ship design changed rapidly seeing larger, multi-mast ships become common. This led to a new era of maritime trade and exploration that would usher in the "Age of Discovery."

At Gryphon's Fest this year, we'll explore this new age of maritime trade. We'll detail the various ports and what was needed to sustain them - financial institutions, port infrastructure, maritime law - and more all in a self guided tour.

And of course, we'll have all the other things Gryphon's Fest is known for - Martial activities, classes, camping, bardic... This year, we will also include an auction!


Auctioneer: Ravasz Janos

This year Gryphon's Fest will feature a live auction. Donations of items are appreciated.



18683 State Hwy CC, Warrenton, MO 63383

Site Information

Puddleford is a primitive site located approximately 1 hour west of St. Louis, MO. The site has limited running water.


From the north

From Interstate 70, take the exit for Hwy 47, south to Hwy CC. Take a left (east) and go approximately two miles.

From the south

From Interstate 44, take the exit for HWY 47, north to Hwy CC. Take a right (east) and go approximately two miles. Your GPS may suggest taking a right on Charette Creek Rd, but this is recommended against.


Limited dining options are available in Warrenton to the north or Marthasville to the south (both approximately a 20 minute drive from site).

Martial Activities

Rattan Combat

Marshal in Charge: Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon

Scenario Information Coming Soon!

Steel Combat

Marshal in Charge: Accepting Applications

Scenario Information Coming Soon!


Marshal in Charge: Dammo Utwiler

Information Coming Soon!


Marshal in Charge: Maria Arosa de Santa-Olalla

Information Coming Soon!

Arts & Sciences

Organizer: Rochwen Morwenna


Classes will be added as they are submitted.

Celestial Navigation

Taught by
Jon Chesey

This class explores how the concepts from the celestial sphere were used in period for navigation. It is based on the 16th century Arte of Navigation by Martin Cortes and includes a hands-on use of instruments.


International Creation

For this competition, enrants are challenged to display a creation that would have been possible thanks to international maritime trade linking at least three countries or cultures. Entries should include documentation on how the countries or cultures were brought together through trade.


Organizer: Yseult de Michel


Information Coming Soon!


Coordinator: Cara Wythers

If you would like to be a vendor at Gryphon's Fest, please contact Cara Wythers.

Attending Merchants


What are the COVID guidelines for this event?

As this event is outdoors, masks are not required, but are always encouraged. Calontir is following the SCA COVID-safe policies which require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test result from a medical provider (i.e. no at-home tests accepted) from within the past 72 hours.

Is there pre-registration?

We are currently working on making pre-registration available and will post a link when it is.

Is pre-registration required?

Pre-registration is not currently required by society or kingdom law. While we strongly encourage it, as it helps speed things up at gate and reduces clustering, we will not be requiring it!

If I miss the pre-registration deadline. Can I still attend?

Yes. You may register at gate.

Is the site pet friendly?

Yes! However, pets must be leashed at all times.

Is there a schedule available?

We are still working on scheduling and will post the schedule when it is available.

Is this a wet site?



Information coming soon!