A&S Competitions

A&S Competition Coordinator: Mjǫll Úlfarsdóttir

Baronial A&S Championship - Back to Basics

Sponsor Mjǫll Úlfarsdóttir

The pandemic had been hard on everyone and has affected us in a multitude of ways. Some folks were able to further their arts and sciences by perfecting their craft and even learning new skills. Some of us were unable to work on anything. Because of this I'm looking to go back to basics.

Whatever your favorite arts and/or science medium is, it can be entered into the Baronial A&S Tournament! Use period materials if possible. Use period tools if you can. What if it isn't possible to do either? No worries! I want everyone to remember and regain the joy of arts and sciences!

Minimum documentation is a 3x5 index card, but more is always welcome. In addition to the usual who, what, when, where, why, and how questions, tell me why this craft is special to you. What set off the spark to pursue it? How long have you been perfecting this skill? Do you have any goals?

Entries must be received by 2:00pm so the populace has time to look at all projects before judging which begins at 3:00pm

Maiden, Mother, Crone: Past, Present, and Future

Sponsor: Kenda Óttarsdóttir

How has your art evolved? Bring the past, present and future of your entry.

  • Bring a picture or examples of your early work.
  • Your current entry.
  • Pictures and an explanation of what inspires you to be better, examples of what you aspire to achieve.
  • A 3x5 card with the basics of documentation is all that is needed, but the more pictures and explanations the better.